Meet Jaden!

jaden playing ball
Jaden is seven years old and loves coming to school. He is working hard in all of his therapy and academic sessions. Some of his favorite things include: reading The Very Busy Spider, listening to music, playing games with his classmates, and attending parties and events at iHope! He is working on identifying colors and the letters in his name. In Physical Therapy, Jaden has been working very hard on standing. His highest record of standing without a stander is 40 minutes. He can sit independently for about 2-3 minutes. He is also learning to pedal the bike. In Occupational Therapy, Jaden is initiating using his right hand to grasp onto toys more often, and using both of his hands together to hold onto a ball. He has also had success using the toilet! In Speech, he has been learning how to use his new switch setup and he is doing a great job. We are so proud of Jaden!