Treatment Model

Treatment programs that are successful in helping this child, youth and young adult population make functional gains uniquely combine therapies from best practices in rehabilitation medicine (e.g., developmental pediatrics, pediatric physiatry, pediatric neurology, pediatric psychiatry), best practices in therapeutic interventions (e.g., speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology, developmental psychology), and best practices in special education (e.g., direct instruction, integrated therapies, vocational training, transition planning).

The model for special education and treatment services for the ABI population served at iHOPE-NYC will integrate rehabilitative medicine, clinical therapies, and special education instruction to improve the overall functioning of the child across all domains. The ultimate goal is to transition these children, adolescents and young adults to live as independently as possible, to have meaningful work to do, and be with people and communities that truly care about them.

treatment model
iHOPE-NYC Medical/Clinical/Education Model