Conductive Education

Staff Bios

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Saskia Kramer, Conductor-Teacher

Name: Saskia Kramer
Title: Conductive Educator, Special Education Teacher
Occupation: Conductive Educator
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Bio: Although of Hungarian, Dutch, and German decent, Saskia originates from Budapest. That being said, her Dutch half of her family ensured that she still spent a sizable amount of time in the Netherlands. While she made the move to the United States in 2014, she already feels well adjusted to “American life.”
Saskia earned her degree in Conductive Education from the Pető András University in Hungary. She is experinced in working with children and young adults with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, developmental and behaviour disorders. One professional accomplishment that she is particularly proud of is her work with a group of young adults in a special lifestyle program. Through a specific methodology she taught them, daily living skills like using money, planning their day, how to lead an independent life and became as independent and individually possible. Additionally, as a certified Special Education teacher, she has taught classes focused on students ages six to ten years old.
She is thrilled to be part of the International Academy of Hope’s multidisciplinary team and is excited to be working towards helping each student achieve their fullest potential. Her passion is to address the current need for marriage and family therapy in Conductive Education; she has and concurrently is doing research on ways to integrate these two fields.
Family Origin: Hungarian, Dutch, German


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Nikolett Biro, Conductor-Teacher

Name: Nikolett Biro
Title: M.A. (QCS), B.S. Ed.
Occupation: Conductor Educator, Special Education Teacher
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Bio: Nikolett Biro graduated with her Conductor-Teacher degree from the Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education and Conductor Training College in Budapest, Hungary. Niki has experience working with children and adolescents with cerebral palsy, brain injury, spina bifida and other motor disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disorders and behavioral disorders, from ages 3 and up. She has also performed research on the rehabilitation of stroke-injured patients utilizing the conductive method and has worked in multiple international C.E. summer camps in Hungary and Italy. Niki has as well studied fascia release therapy and Dorn and Breuss massage therapy. Niki considers the holistic approach to rehabilitation and habilitation essential and holds this work as her life’s calling.
Family Origin: Hungarian