School Facility

iHOPE-NYC has established its initial footprint in Central Harlem (Lenox Avenue and 116th Street) located in the heart of Northern Manhattan in a 10,000 square foot facility.  Many of our students have complex medical needs that will need frequent evaluation and modifications. This will allow our students easy access to some of the best doctors, research and other medical professionals in the nation (i.e., pediatric neurologists, pediatric dentists, etc…). In order to properly service the brain injury community and advance the science of neurorehabilitation, the initial space will also accommodate a neurorehabilitation center (iHOPE Center) and research clinic (iHOPE Institute) which will be staffed with a medical director and a pediatric nurse.

Within the next five years, the school will move to a specially designed building in New York City to include:

1. iHOPE-NYC (An International Academy of Hope in New York City): A best-in-class school for youth with brain injuries ages 2.9 to 25 years old as well as Early Intervention services for children with brain injuries who are younger than age three

2. iHOPE-NYC Center (An International Center of Hope in New York City): A world-class rehabilitation center including aquatic rehabilitation

3. iHOPE-NYC Institute (An International Institute of Hope in New York City): A full research clinic with OT, PT, Speech and other allied health professionals, clinical social work, nursing, Cortical Integrative Therapy, physiatry, psychiatry, and medical services

4. A skilled nursing facility for young adults

5. Temporary housing for families

6. Permanent housing for youth with brain injuries and their families, as well as professionals in training

7. A tele-education/tele-training facility with studio space for delivering remote training, IEP development, and support