Executive Summary of iHOPE-NYC

The International Academy of Hope – NYC (iHOPE-NYC) is a highly specialized brain injury school in New York City. It meets a significant and unmet need in our NYC community, while also serving as a world-class model of best practices and high tech solutions in the delivery of educational brain injury services. The school raises the bar for standards of care by promulgating best practices, supporting innovative treatments, and sharing knowledge through both on-site and remotely delivered training. After an initial period, the model will be replicated in other major metropolitan areas of the country and around the world. There is no established leader in the educational landscape for children and youth with brain injury, and the International Academy of Hope is poised to step into this void, offering leadership, sharing its expertise, and dramatically improving the outcomes for the many American youth and others worldwide affected by brain injury and other brain-based disorders.

Pediatric acquired brain injury (PABI) is caused either by trauma (such as motor vehicle crashes, sports-related concussions, blast injury, assaults/child abuse, gunshot wounds and falls) or non-trauma (such as strokes, meningitis, brain tumors, anoxia, infection, seizures, inflammation, toxins, substance abuse and metabolic disorders). PABI includes injuries sustained from birth through 25 years of age.