Educational Approach

Educational services will be delivered within a warm, nurturing school environment by educators, researchers and trainers with an unparalleled concentration of expertise in brain injury. The school will operate on a year-round, full day basis. iHOPE-NYC will embrace and model the hallmarks of exceptional services, which include:

1. Licensing by the New York State Department of Education

2. A family-focused model with schedules and programs designed and implemented to address what is best for the child and his/her family, including longer school days and wrap-around services

3. Outstanding and highly specialized staff who oversee each student’s IEP, including doctoral-level clinical leadership, certified brain injury specialists, and other licensed and credentialed professionals

4. Affiliation with many children’s hospitals, university programs and research clinics, including many of SJBF’s 52 State Lead Centers of Excellence

5. Commitment to implementing best practices based on evidence-based research and ongoing data analysis and data sharing

6. Commitment to advancing the field through sharing expertise in on-site and online formats

7. Commitment to providing the best care to children and families, and inviting their input through a Family Advisory Board, satisfaction surveys, and a formal QI process