Admissions Process and Policies

The International Academy of Hope has a four step Admissions Process:

  • Initial intake
    • Contact by local school personnel or student’s parents/caregivers about potential placement
    • Interview of parent/caregiver with a Member of iHOPE Admissions Team
    • A tour of the school and facility could be included during this step or scheduled at this point
  • Assembly of student’s medical and educational records
    • School district should provide documents, including but not limited to:
      • Current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with likely IDEA classifications of TBI, OHI or Multiple Disabilities
      • Current evaluations and progress reports (i.e., learning, psychological, social, psychiatric, medical, related services such as PT, OT, speech/language, vision therapies)
    • Any additional medical or educational reports should be provided during this step (i.e., previous IEP, reports, etc…)
  • iHOPE Admissions Team reviews the records and evaluates student’s potential to benefit from program
  • After the review of the records, iHOPE Admissions Team may conduct in-person evaluation of the student
    • Certain tests may be conducted during the student evaluation process based on the determination of the iHOPE Admissions Team

Upon the completion of the four-step process, the iHOPE Admissions Team makes a formal recommendation about the student’s viability in the program. The iHOPE Admissions Team may request additional information if needed.

The iHOPE Admissions Team is comprised of the professional faculty and staff of iHOPE and may also include outside professionals if deemed necessary.

iHOPE does not discriminate on the basis of disability, age, color, creed, race, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin or religious affiliation. It has a ZERO tolerance policy for any discrimination. Any incident of discrimination should be reported immediately to the Program Director and will be addressed immediately.