iHOPE Core Values

1. Leadership: We are committed to creating systemic change in the way students with brain injury and other brain-based disorders are educated.

2. Family-focused: We always place the interests of the individual with a brain injury and their families at the center of our decisions.

3. Excellence: We aspire to the highest standard of excellence by implementing best practices and drawing on evidence-based research in the delivery of technically competent care.

4. Professional Development: We foster an environment of rigor and respect in order to attract and retain the very best licensed and credentialed practitioners with expertise in pediatric brain injury.

5. Dissemination: We support active dissemination of applied research, translating advances into effective hands-on instructional methodologies and approaches.

6. Transparency: We value transparency and support Open Source data and shared knowledge as a means of advancing the field.

7. Compassion: We focus on meaningful outcomes for our students, attained within a context of kindness, optimism and celebration for growth and skill mastery.

8. HOPE: We work with the eventual “cure” always in mind.

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